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Wordhunters - PS4
Wordhunters - PS4

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Platforms: PS4
Publisher: U & I Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle
ESRB: E - Everyone
UPC: 810810030216

Region Free: Yes

Menus & Interface : English

Product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 31 October, 2018.

Game Information

Dive into a whole new world of competitive word games with your guide, army the aviator. Fly around the globe to different cities, win rounds and claim letters from each location while blocking your opponents.

  • 15 party word games suitable for the whole family!
  • Take Off to 20 global destinations from London to Tokyo and beyond!
  • Play in front of famous landmarks including the eiffel Tower, sydney opera house, and empire state building!
  • Drop-in/ drop-out multiplayer for 2-6 wordhunters!
  • Easily change Language within the game and Practice your foreign vocabulary in French, Italian, German, and Spanish!