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The Calling - Wii
The Calling - Wii

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Game Information

Gather your friends, dim the lights, and get the popcorn ready. Calling is a single player adventure that delivers trills alone or with an audience. The fun of a suspenseful movie is now on the Wii. Conquer your fears and discover the truth together!


Have you seen The Black Page?

Rumor has it that The Black Page is a hoax or a prank - an empty website where a few can enter a new world and meet the dead once again. This world is known as the Mnemonic Abyss where the dead wander indefinitely. Curiosity brings many to the site - those who do not believe or those trying to solve the mystery behind it, and some who are simply looking for a lost friend or beloved husband.

Experience 4 unique characters perspectives in a gripping story of Japanese Survival Horror.

Rin Kagura

  • Some years ago, Rin had made plans to meet an internet friend in person. On that day, Rin was in an accident and after a long and painful hospital stay, Rin attempted to friend her friend again. However, she seemed to have vanished. Rin heard rumors about ""The Black Page"", and thought that it might give her some clues to her friend's whereabouts.

Chiyo Kishibi

  • Seeing the struggle after the death of her husband, Chiyo's grandson gave her laptop. While exploring the internet, Chiyo read rumors about a website that lets you ""meet the dead"", bringing her to access ""The Black Page"".

Makoto Shirae

  • An editor of a newspaper who is investigating the mysterious death of his colleague - his investigation led him to ""The Black Page"".



  • Play through 4 core characters in a twisted Pulp Fiction style story of horror Classical survival horror with over 30+ hours of gameplay Play with friends, solve puzzles, unlock characters and find the alternative endings together Use the Wii remote as a Cell Phone and Flashlight!