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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Wii U
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Wii U

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Game Information

We Are Tekken For The First Time On Any Nintendo Console - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Delivers Completely Updated Features And The Most Comprehensive Tekken Experience To Date. Play With The Largest Tekken Roster Ever, In All New Stages, Utilizing Fully Re-Engineered Multiplayer Functionality For Optimum Online Matches. Enjoy Exclusive Wii U Features Including Special Battle Modes And Exclusive Costumes. Play Like A Pro With Easy Shortcuts On The Gamepad. The Sickest Combos, Amazing Graphics And Best Selling Fighting Game Franchise Of All Time Is Here - Get Ready For The Next Battle!

Wii U Exclusive Features

  • Mushroom Battle - Pick Up Different Mushrooms To Enable Unique Power-Ups
  • Exclusive Costumes - Customize With Nintendo Cross-Over Costumes
  • Touch Panel Moves - Use The Gamepad Touch Panel To Execute Move Sets And Combos


  • Multiplayer Match - Fight In A 2-On-2 Tag-Team Battle, 1-On-1 Or 1-On-2
  • Pair Play - The Ultimate Team Brawl With Up To 4 Players Each Controlling A Character
  • Fight Lab - Learn The Mechanics &Amp; Combos Of Tekken + Customize Combot'S Moves &Amp; Appearance
  • Largest Roster - More Than 50 Playable Characters - The Biggest Tekken Roster Ever
  • Tekken Channel - Replay Video Of Matches To Analyze Your Hits &Amp; Misses For The Next Fight
  • New Stages - Fight In Your Favorite Countries And Locations Around The World
  • Tekken Tunes - Mix In-Game Music To Play To A New Soundtrack Or Import Your Favorite Songs
  • Classic Modes - Arcade, Ghost, Versus, Team, Time Attack &Amp; Survival
  • Customization - The Most Detailed Set Of Customization Options Yet Seen For Tekken