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Tales of Phantasia (Reproduction) - SNEs
Tales of Phantasia (Reproduction) - SNEs

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Platforms: SNES
Genre: Role Playing Game

Region Free: Yes

Menus & Interface : English

Product was added to our catalog on Monday 30 March, 2015.

Game Information

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NOTE: These games are clearly marked with a "Reproduction" label - they're not to be confused as a "fake or knock-off" of original titles.

The game begins as four heroes are locked in battle with a powerful sorcerer king named Dhaos. Before he can be defeated, Dhaos uses his magic to travel several years into the future, where he is immediately met by one of the four warriors' descendants and three companions, who seal him away with two magic pendants. Twelve years later, two young men named Cress and Chester return to their village to find it razed to the ground by a dark knight named Mars, whose army kills many of it inhabitants including Cress's parents and Chester's sister. While Chester stays behind to bury them, Cress leaves to meet his uncle Olson for help, who reveals that he is being forced to work for Mars before stealing his father's pendant and locking him in jail. Quickly escaping with the help of a dying woman in a nearby cell, he meets another prisoner, a young priestess named Mint, who reveals that the woman was her mother before the two leave through the dungeon's aqueducts.

This game will play on the following consoles and is region free :

  • Super Nintendo
  • Retron 2
  • Retron 3
  • Retron 5
  • Supaboy Handheld