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Steven Universe & OK KO Bundle - SWITCH
Steven Universe & OK KO Bundle - SWITCH

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Publisher: U & I Entertainment
Genre: Action Adventure
ESRB: E10+ - Everyone 10+
UPC: 819338020563

Region Free: Yes

Menus & Interface : English

Expected Release Date is Friday 17 May, 2019.

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2 games in 1 Steven & the universe save the light and ok K.O! Let's play heroes.

  • New GEM - created by Rebecca Sugar, who is hessonite and why is she wrecking Earth?
  • Fusion fights - play as new GEM FUSIONS, Stevonnie, Smoky Quartz, Opal, Sardonyx and Sugilite
  • Play as k.O.! - unlock tons of sweet abilities, including righteous 'Super moves' and unleash cool hero assist with each pow card he collects
  • Original cast - voiced by fan-favorite cast and overseen by creator Ian jones-quartey