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spongeBob HeroPants - 3Ds
spongeBob HeroPants - 3Ds

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Platforms: 3DS
Publisher: Activision
Developers: Activision
Genre: Action Adventure
ESRB: E - Everyone
UPC: 047875770522

Product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 07 January, 2015.

Game Information

After the events of the 2015 movie, SpongeBob awakes to find Bikini Bottom in chaos. SponeBob had forgotten to turn over the last page of the book and his dreams are now causing the mayhem around them! Be a hero and bring back the balance to Bikini Bottom!

  • Play as your favorite Bikini Bottom Hero: SpongeBob as Invincibubble, Patrick as Mr. Superawesomeness, Mr. Krabs as Sir Pinch-A-Lot!
  • Action-Adventure + Puzzle Gameplay: Weave your way through obstacles and puzzles in environments like Dream Land and Prehistory Bikini Bottom.
  • Upgradable Characters: Collect pirate coins to upgrade your characters with special hero abilities!
  • Multi-player Mode: Play with up to 4 people on the XB360.