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Soldam : Drop Connect Erase - SWITCH
Soldam : Drop Connect Erase - SWITCH

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Genre: Puzzle
ESRB: E - Everyone
UPC: 857126007006

Region Free: Yes

Menus & Interface : English

Product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 30 August, 2017.

Game Information

One of the original tile-matching puzzle games from the 90's has been updated for the modern era. Published by Dispatch Games, Sold am: Drop, Connect, Erase is now available for the Nintendo Switch. The classic Jalisco arcade game has been updated with improved graphics, gameplay and an online versus mode but still retains the charm, unique style and catchy music that made it a fan favorite years ago. Beginners can pick up and play the game with its easy to learn mechanics: simply rotate and drop fruits to match colors. Keep connecting similar colored fruits to form a full row and erase. Experienced players will find plenty of deep strategy by planning out future moves and using advanced flanking techniques. Sold am: Drop, Connect, Erase has four fun game modes: Easy Mode, Sold am Mode, Challenge Mode and Showdown Mode. In Easy Mode, beginners can ease into the game and learn the rules at their own pace without time constraints. Sold am Mode is packed with 200 levels for experienced players to master while collecting and storing Plumes in their Plumier. Challenge Mode is the ultimate test of wits with 50 perplexing levels of increasing difficulty. Showdown Mode is a 2 player online vs. mode that connects players who want to challenge their friends.

  • THE RETURN OF AN ARCADE GAME CLASSIC: perfect for gamers revisiting video game nostalgia or experiencing the game for the first time - the classic 90's Jalisco tile-matching game
  • UPDATED FOR A MODERN AUDIENCE: this edition features cute graphics and gameplay that have been refreshed for the modern era but still retains the qualities that made Sold am a charming classic
  • Easy to learn game mechanics are perfect for players of all different experience levels and ages
  • FOUR GAME MODES: hundreds of levels ranging from casual to difficult will keep players busy; puzzle game veterans will appreciate the advanced strategy needed to conquer more difficult levels
  • SHOWDOWN MODE / MULTIPLAYER ONLINE PLAY: challenge your friends one on one online for bragging rights