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slayers (Reproduction) - SNEs
slayers (Reproduction) - SNEs

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Platforms: SNES
# Players: 1 Player
Genre: Role Playing Game

Region Free: Yes

Menus & Interface : English

Product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 June, 2015.

Game Information

NOTE: These games are clearly marked with a "Reproduction" label - they're not to be confused as a "fake or knock-off" of original titles.

The game begins with a man finding an unconscious Lina Inverse and taking her back to his village. It quickly becomes clear that Lina has lost all her memories: she does not know who she is, or how to cast any but the most basic spells. Most of the game follows her adventures across different locations in the Slayers world. Gradually, Lina regains her spellcasting abilities and reunites with old friends and acquaintances from the novels. Eventually, Lina and her companions learn that the Greater Beast Zelas Metallium has been creating copies of her.

This game will play on the following consoles and is region free :

  • Super Nintendo
  • Retron 2
  • Retron 3
  • Retron 5
  • Supaboy Handheld