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Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard - Ds
Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard - Ds

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Platforms: DS
Publisher: Atlus USA
Developers: Atlus
Genre: Role Playing Game
ESRB: E10+ - Everyone 10+

Product was added to our catalog on Friday 07 December, 2012.

Game Information


In the Grand Duchy of High Lagaard, it is said that the Duke is descended from inhabitants of a castle in the sky. When an unforeseen crisis befalls the nation, it is decreed that the first explorer to retrieve the Grail of Kings from that mythical floating palace will be rewarded with wealth and fame beyond imagining. Enter the central city of Lagaard and begin your journey to the clouds!



  • Make the adventure yours - Rediscover true role-playing as you build your party of stalwart adventurers from 12 different classes. From basics like name and sex to advanced settings like combat formation, skills, and spells, every detail is yours to customize!
  • The Odyssey continues - Experience an all-new story, more classes, improved mapping capabilities, new Force Skills, and over 100 side-quests.
  • Chart your progress through the dungeons - Etrian Odyssey's innovative mapmaking tool returns with more options and features! Use the touch screen to map out the halls, chambers, treasures, and dangers of the realms you explore.