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The Avenger Elite Controller (N-Control) - 360
The Avenger Elite Controller  (N-Control) - 360

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Increase your Xbox gaming skills without cheating with the Avenger Elite Even further reduced trigger travel and unbelievable lever sensitivity Avenger Elite re-maps buttons so they are closer to your fingers. Tuning caps adjust button sensitivity for a quicker response time. Your thumbs never leave the analogue sticks which improves your situational awareness and overall gaming experience. The Avenger Elite extends your reach on the RB button. A slight lift of the finger to the bendable arms engages three buttons for a faster reaction time! New wire with alloys made in America with nano technology Additional Military precision hair trigger kit

Access up to NINE functions simultaneously!

Fully customizable levers.

High precision tension straps provide a "hair-trigger" touch.

Made from high quality soft-touch composite materials.