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Prison Break: The Conspiracy - PS3
Prison Break: The Conspiracy - PS3

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Product was added to our catalog on Saturday 10 April, 2010.

Game Information

Features Subtitles & Menus in - English, Francais

Features Voice overs in - English, Francais

Prison Break - The Conspiracy takes you inside the Prison Break world like never before. You are Tom Paxton, a Company agent sent inside Fox River Penitentiary to observe and report on a prisoner named Michael Scofield... What you will find will change your Prison Break experience forever.


    Story & game design developed in part by the writers of the TV show Original voices from the TV series Same great overall Prison Break atmosphere Cutscenes with an alternative vantage point on the series Immersive stealth action with multiple solutions Action-oriented, close-quarters fights with lots of special and finishing moves Gameplay Achievements Interactive environment to develop the character