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samurai Shodown: Sen - 360 (Region Free)
samurai Shodown: Sen - 360 (Region Free)

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Game Information

In the midst of chaos and upheaval, the Lord of Amori-han bravely chooses to raise an orphaned European princess as his own daughter. This brave young girl, Suzuhime, matures to become a warrior representing both East and West. Familiar faces from past Samurai Shodown games (including Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and Ukyo) battle alongside newcomers from all corners of the Earth to put an end to the new threat, Golba, and his villainous designs taking root in Japan. Victory on this crucial conflict comes by any means necessary -- even if it means ending a melee with grisly dismemberment or decapitations!



    Hi-res 3-D graphics & movement HD Taito Type 2X graphics Choose from 26 fighters – 13 new Online combat, featuring a worldwide ranking system New game play systems – Flash Slash & Aerial Combos Four Game Modes
      Arcade Versus Practice Survival