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Charm Girls Club: Pajama Party - Wii
Charm Girls Club: Pajama Party - Wii

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Product was added to our catalog on Thursday 20 August, 2009.

Game Information

In Charm Girls Club Pajama Party for Wii, girls can play over 30 mini-games! Girls will be up all night bed bouncing, hair teasing, pillow fighting, dancing, scooter racing, posing, and playing together in ways that will keep the giggles coming!

Create your customized Charm Girl. Play with the Charm Girls or team up with up to 8 of your girl friends! Spin the Party Wheel or randomize to select your mini-game. Play 30+ mini-games like bed bounce, speed hair tease, pillow fight, dance-off, scooter race, pose-off, treasure hunt, best friend quizzes, bike race, balloon pop, popcorn popping, cake decorator, character dress-up, flashlight tag, cookie maker, chase the chihuahua and more! Use the remote to hop, scoot, swing, pop, throw, peddle, break, collect and match. Earn 40+ virtual charms for your charm jewelry box, and keep an eye out for bonus charms! Mini-games are played in different ways head-to-head, turn-based, all together, team co-op & competitive