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nancy Drew: Hidden Staircase - Ds
nancy Drew: Hidden Staircase - Ds

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Product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 24 September, 2008.

Game Information

As an amateur sleuth, Nancy Drew has developed quite a reputation in and around her hometown of River Heights. Whenever something - or somebody - goes missing, Nancy gets the call! Things are going bump in the night, family heirlooms are disappearing, and Nancy's friend is ready to sell the family estate just to escape the ruckus. Help Nancy discover the source of the disturbance before it's too late!


*Family heirlooms are disappointing all over Twin Elms. The residents are counting on Nancy Drew to solve the mystery before it's too late!

*Interview people and gather clues using the stylus to uncover the location of the hidden staircase.

*Explore the large and mysterious Twin Elms house and examine anything that is out of place.

*Earn the top rank of Master Detective and find the stolen items.

*Can you find the hidden staircase?