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Line Rider 2 Unbound - Wii
Line Rider 2 Unbound - Wii

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Product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 21 October, 2008.

Game Information

In Line Rider 2: Unbound, the sled-stealing scumbag Chaz is up to no good and only you, as the clever and cunning Bosh, can defeat him. For Bosh to save his true love Bailey, players must complete tracks in over 40 mind-bending puzzles created by the #1 Line Rider player in the world, TechDawg. Players can also create their own puzzles and story-telling masterpieces and share them on the Internet. The possibilities are limited only by physics and your imagination...providing endless hours of creative play!


*Story mode: Bosh vs. Chaz to get the best sled...and Bailey's love...with over 40 mind-bending puzzle tracks designed by TechDawg

*Puzzle Creation mode: design your own twisted puzzles for the world to solve

*Freestyle mode: the classic way to create your own masterpieces with cool tricks and sound effects

*Easy track uploading and sharing: post you best tracks and challenge the Line Rider community to solve your puzzles

*12 new line types, including acceleration, trick, zoom, trampoline, trap door and destructible

*Multiple Line Riders

*New, easy interface including flags for saving progress

*Tons of sound and particle effects

*Unlockable rewards