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UEFA Euro 2008 - 360 (In stock usually ships within 24hrs)
UEFA Euro 2008 - 360 (In stock usually ships within 24hrs)

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Product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 20 May, 2008.

Game Information

UEFA EURO 2008 features the world's best players and teams and all of the official stadiums that will be part of UEFA EURO 2008. Take on the challenge of leading one of over 50 European national teams to glory as UEFA EURO 2008 recreates all of the drama and excitement of the official tournament in Austria and Switzerland. Play as your favorite country from qualification right through to a virtual reproduction of the championship tournament.


*Win UEFA EURO 2008 Ö - Compete as one of 53 teams from qualification right through to a virtual reproduction of UEFA EURO 2008Ö in Austria and Switzerland.

*Captain Your Country - Play as yourself on the same team with up to three friends. Play alongside your heroes by customizing yourself in game with your name on your shirt, and then lead your squad into battle against your rivals.

*Kick Stick Revolution-Never take your hands off the sticks on set pieces, corner kicks and penalty kicks with the new Kick Stick system. Use the left stick to aim the ball and then snap the right stick forward in an intuitive kicking motion for accurate set pieces from anywhere on the pitch. Move the analogue stick back and swing it forward to curl the ball around the wall!

*Conquer Europe - Navigate the interactive map to overcome objectives and challenges to see if you have the skills to dominate Europe. Think you are the best? Now you can prove it!

*Critical Moment AI - Experience the thrill of the best players elevating their play when the game is on the line with all-new Critical Moment AI. Enhanced Penalty Kicks -- Experience the elation and agony of a penalty shoot-out as if you were on the pitch. Master your nerves and the new Kick Stick to score the goal that puts your team in the Final.

*Dynamic Rain- Winter weather from across Europe is authentically re-created to simulate real-world playing conditions. Experience driving rain that creates sloppy pitches and dramatically impacts passing and player performance.

*Authentic Stadiums - Compete inall 8 official stadiums of UEFA EURO 2008Ö with authentic day, dusk and night time lighting conditions.

*Team Managers - Watch reactions from team managers on the sideline as they shout encouragement or become disappointed in your team's performance.

*Custom Formations - Design your own unique strategy to create the perfect formation and tactics. Set each player's exact position in the formation, and assign specific attacking and defensive runs.

*Manual Controls - Dictate the play with manual controls for through-passing and crossing. Use the Pass Pulse to covertly call for the ball when playing with friends on the same team. Control the goalkeeper in one-on-one situations to deny the striker yourself. Use the right-stick to quickly switch to the exact player you want to control when defending.

*Dynamic Player Ratings - Real-time player ratings change based on actual player performance, simulating the momentum swings of a real season.

*Sticker Book - Collect your favorite players and unlock new game features in a virtual sticker book by completing objectives and challenges.