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Devil May Cry 4 (Greatest Hits) - PS3
Devil May Cry 4 (Greatest Hits) - PS3

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Game Information

With the advanced graphical capabilities of the next-gen systems, high definition visuals and intricate detail come to life as players explore new and exotic locales. Dynamic action and undeniable style combine with explosive fighting options and a gripping story to produce the incomparable experience that only a Devil May Cry game can deliver.


*From the producer of the original Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 4

*High-definition visuals moving at 60 frames per second

*Blend of familiar and new: newcomer Nero clashes with veteran Dante

*New characters and environments

*Signature blend of guns and swordplay

*Deep combo system rewards stylish dispatching of enemies

*Unique "Devil Bringer" arm opens up a range of combo options

*Distinct set of weaponry and moves for Nero and Dante

*Exceed System allows Nero to charge up his sword with a throttle effect, revving up to three levels with powerful attack options

*New active style change system for Dante allows him to switch styles and weapons on the fly, producing crazy combo possibilities

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