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Killzone Liberation (Greatest Hits) - PSP
Killzone Liberation (Greatest Hits) - PSP

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Product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 01 November, 2006.

Game Information

Two months have passed since the conclusion of Killzone™. The Killzone war, however, still rages on. Helghast are now looking to capture smaller island bases in the south. General Metrac, a new more sinister Helghast enemy, is using captured ISA VIP’s as negotiating tools for the area withdrawal of ISA forces. Templar is sent on a covert rescue mission in order to save the hostages ultimately deciding the fate of southern Vekta.


* 3rd person intelligent camera viewpoint, allowing for more tactical and intuitive FPS control

* New gameplay features including ‘duck & cover’, intuitive buddy control and BOSS encounters

* A wide range of new weapons and drivable vehicles, including tanks & hovercraft

* Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure Multiplayer Modes include Deathmatch, challenges and Co-op missions

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