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Final Fantasy VII(7): Dirge of Cerberus (Greatest Hits) - PS2
Final Fantasy VII(7): Dirge of Cerberus (Greatest Hits) - PS2

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Platforms: PS2
Publisher: Square Enix
# Players: 1 Player
Genre: Role Playing Game
ESRB: T - Teen
UPC: 662248906065

Product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 15 August, 2006.

Game Information

Dirge of Cerberus traces the story of the mysterious Vincent Valentine in the first action game based on Final Fantasy VII. In this character-driven action shooter, players will be able to customize their firearms, dispense strategic melee attacks, and use a limit break technique to transform into a powerful beast with special skills. The story of Final Fantasy VII continues to unfold three years after the events of the seminal 1997 title.


* Unravel the past to protect the future as Vincent Valentine’s story is finally told.

* Modify Vincent’s weapons, including the Cerberus, with five different varieties of parts that directly affect firepower, range, firing rate, and more.

* Three customizable gun types allow for three distinct playing styles:

1.Handgun: Attack mid-range enemies as you quickly move around the field.

2.Machine gun: A high-speed automatic weapon for mowing down close range enemies.

3.Rifle: Snipe down long-range enemies and eliminate them before they notice you.

* When enemies get too close, break out powerful melee attacks or Vincent’s signature limit break technique.

* Witness cutting-edge cinematics that challenge “next-gen” graphics in a way that only the Final Fantasy series can.

* Meet new allies and old friends as Midgar faces an unfamiliar threat.

* The latest chapter in the compilation of products based on Final Fantasy VII.