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Nintendo DS Lite Screen Protector (HORI) - DS
Nintendo DS Lite Screen Protector (HORI) - DS

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Product was added to our catalog on Friday 23 June, 2006.

Game Information

Widely known as the best screen protector on the market, the Japanese-manufactured HORI Protective Filter features a number of distinct properties that helps it earn consistent rave reviews.

The top screen filter has an anti-reflective layer to reduce glare, a hard coated layer to prevent scratches from dust and other particles and a silicone ahesive layer, allowing the filter to be removed and reapplied several times without leaving any residue behind. The bottom touchscreen filter has a special coating designed to improve sensitivity and provide additional scratch resistance.

This kit includes two filters to protect both the display and touch screens on your Nintendo DS Lite. This will fit the original DS as well, but leaves a small amount of black border around the top lens exposed. The bottom screen fits perfectly.