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Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles (Greatest Hits) (10x Plus Points) - PS2
Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles (Greatest Hits) (10x Plus Points) - PS2

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Platforms: PS2
Genre: Action Adventure

Game Condition: Mint - Complete (Game, Case, Manual)

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Game Information

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles introduces a lush, never-before-seen 3D world that will test the players' Ninjutsu skills as Naruto, the feisty orphan who wants to become the most respected and admired ninja of all time. A brand new story drives the missions as players experience the trials and tribulations of a ninja-in-training - fierce competition from fellow students and constant challenges from their teachers. Players can collect status-boosting chips and plates to customize all aspects of Naruto's abilities and face-off against multiple enemies using either close combat moves or long-range weapons like shurikens and explosive cards. With familiar characters like Kakashi, Sasuke and Neji that can swoop in for assistance, "NARUTO: Uzumaki Chronicles" offers mini-games and lethal attacks straight from the popular anime series to satiate any aspiring ninja.