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MLB Power Pros 2008 - Ds
MLB Power Pros 2008 - Ds

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Product was added to our catalog on Thursday 04 September, 2008.

Game Information

Japan's top-selling MLB series comes to the Nintendo DS for the very first time! MLB« Power Pros 2008 delivers a unique flair to America's favorite pastime with an original visual style, pick-up-and-play controls and multiple wireless gameplay modes.


*The original ""Power Pros"" visual style, featuring cartoon versions of MLB players, recreates your favorite stars in a uniquely humorous manner.

*Easy pick-up-and-play pitching and batting mechanics create a fun experience for both novices and gamers.

*Take your best shot at several fun game modes, including Matchup, Playoffs and Home Run Challenge.

*DS Wireless Play: Compete against friends using Wireless Play.

*Download Play: Only one game cartridge is needed to enjoyed a multiplayer game using Download Play!