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Knack 2 - PS4
Knack 2 - PS4

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Platforms: PS4
# Players: 1 Player
Genre: Platforming Adventure
ESRB: E10+ - Everyone 10+
UPC: 711719504689

Region Free: Yes

Menus & Interface : English
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PRICE DROPPED FROM $49.99 TO $29.99 MARCH 1. 2019

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Game Information

Family-Friendly Adventure

From longtime nostalgic platform era enthusiasts to newcomers alike, Knack 2 features accessible and vibrant gameplay for players of any skill level.

Dynamic and Robust Combat System

With over 20 moves including flying kicks, boomerang attacks, powerful body slams, a barrage of multi-punches, and even parrying enemy attacks right back at them; Knack will continue to expand his skillset as players progress throughout the game.

Co-Op Mode

Join in on the fun with an engaging two player co-op mode, which offers a variety of special two-person combo moves. Co-Op mode also allows players to seamlessly enter or leave the game at any given moment.

Classic Platformer Action

Knack’s size-shifting ways comes into play with classic platforming action, allowing players to take advantage of his abilities in order to move past revolving platforming sequences.

Surprising Abilities

- Over 20 awesome moves including boomerang, whip rush, sword, multi-bomb and body slam

- Grow to the size of a building or shrink down to just two-feet tall

- Jump in a tank or robot and control it – or just destroy them

- Collect relics to power up and smash your way through hordes of enemies

Family Friendly

- Seamless co-op mode so you can play together whenever you choose

- Accessible gameplay for kids and challenging gameplay for adults

- Pick up and play or sit down for a Knack marathon

Adventure & Puzzles

- Save the world from a villain who’s reviving ancient weapons and enormous titans

- Vibrantly colored world with stunning graphics

- Puzzles for varying skill levels