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JENGA: Space Invaders
JENGA: Space Invaders

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Game Information

Battle aliens and keep the galaxy safe! Two ways to play! Play traditional Jenga and be the last player to remove a block without the tower falling and win the game. Or play Jenga with a Space Invaders twist. The Jenga Tower transforms itself into the Space Invaders video screen.

Spin the spinner and make your move. Start from the top of the tower just like in the video game - and work your way down. The player that reaches the bottom first, or is closest to the bottom when the tower falls, wins the game.


- 54 Space Invaders coloured wood Jenga blocks (directives on 12 of them)
- 4 Space Invaders pieces
- 1 Space Invaders spinner
- loading tray for assembly

Ages: 6+