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Ice Cream Surfer - PS VITA [RED ART GAMES]
Ice Cream Surfer - PS VITA [RED ART GAMES]

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Platforms: PS VITA
Genre: Action Adventure
UPC: 3770011615117

Region Free: Yes

Product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 11 September, 2019.

Game Information

The most fresh cute'em up for this summer


The evil Broccoli, irritated by the fact that kids hate vegetables and love ice creams, has created an army of vegetables to destroy the flavor galaxy. Only the Ice Cream Surfer with the help of his 4 super tasty friends can prevent that. Straight to the action, we aren't here to tell stories, but for button-mashing. Are you ready to shot Ice Cream balls filled with pure cooling energy?



Ø 1-2 Players cooperative game

Ø 6 different worlds - You will travel the whole Gourmet Universe to get to the No-Flavor Zone and destroy the bad taste. Each world is completely different and has its own enemies.

Ø 5 different characters - In this game you will be able to be one of the members of the Cream Team , each of them with its own attacks and special abilities.

Ø Massive Bosses

Ø Unlockables