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Hyperkin RetroN 5 Three-In-One Adapter
Hyperkin RetroN 5 Three-In-One Adapter

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Publisher: Hyperkin
Developers: Hyperkin
Genre: Accessory
UPC: 813048018742

Product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 08 February, 2017.

Game Information

Presenting the newest addition to the ultimate HD remake, the RetroN 5 Three-In-One Adapter for Game Gear, Master System and Master System Card. The adapter easily inserts into the Genesis slot on the RetroN 5. Play your favorite games with enhanced resolution, improved interpolated sound, screenshot capture, and the ability to have on-the-fly save states. Play like you used to and indulge in all the 8-bit glory!


• Compatible with Game Gear, Master System, and Master System Card Cartridges

• Compatible with RetroN 5 using firmware version 2.53039 or above