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Hyperkin PS3 Knight Premium Controller (Black) - PS3
Hyperkin PS3 Knight Premium Controller (Black) - PS3

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Platforms: PS2
Publisher: Hyperkin
Genre: Accessory
UPC: 813048018674

Product was added to our catalog on Friday 20 January, 2017.

Game Information

Raise your mighty broadsword and defend your crest! The Hyperlink "Knight" is a premium controller for the PS3, featuring 2 wide spectrum analog joysticks, pressure-sensitive eight-way directional pad, 4 pressure-sensitive shoulder buttons, 4 pressure-sensitive face buttons, force feedback, and a home button. The 6 ft. cable allows for easy movement around your console. It's compatible with all PS3 models, as well as PC/MAC via USB. Chivalry lives on through you.

  • 6 ft. cable
  • Pressure sensitive input
  • Force feedback
  • Compatible with all PS3 models and PC/MAC (functionality may vary) via USB