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Greg Hasting's Tour Paintball Max'd - DS
Greg Hasting's Tour Paintball Max'd - DS

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Product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 25 January, 2006.

Game Information

Breakout Move, allowing gamers to diagram the initial movement of their AI teammates at the start of a game. Break Shooting, providing players the ability to select whether their AI teammates shoot or run to their bunker at the beginning of a game. Sweet Spot enabling gamers to direct the shooting of AI teammates towards critical areas as the game begins. The result is more intensity, more tactics and more speed – and that’s only the beginning for Greg Hasting’s Tournament Paintball MAX’D. Featuring more new field locations, and over 100 new field layouts, players will use a combination of speed and tactics to take out their opponents, including 14 pros from Keely Watson and Chris LaSoya to Greg Hastings.