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Final Fantasy XIV (14) : A Realm Reborn - PS3
Final Fantasy XIV (14) : A Realm Reborn - PS3

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Publisher: Square Enix
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Final Fantasy fans know that each edition of the MMORPG from Square Enix can stand on its own with unique, engaging stories, visually stunning graphics and customizable characters. So long-time fans and newcomers can both jump right into any Final Fantasy installment. Final Fantasy XIV is no exception, and you'll be drawn into an epic adventure with multiple paths in the realm of Eorzea. You'll have the freedom to wander and explore the huge environment and to choose how you'll accomplish your objectives. Maybe you'll enlist the help of others playing from locations all over the world, or perhaps you'll prefer to go at it alone. Whatever path you choose, it's up to you, from your arsenal of weapons to the style of play that suits you best. NOTICE: This product requires: (1) an active internet connection; (2) monthly recurring subscription fees; and (3) agreement to certain license and usage terms (available at FINALFANTASYXIV). Currently, children under age 13 are not permitted to play; users 13-17 require parental consent. Users are granted a limited, revocable license only and do not own any data or intellectual property generated during gameplay.



  • A persistent and evolving world with immersive storylines and well-developed characters HD-quality, real-time cutscenes Guild-based activities focused on catering to players with different gaming styles Both quick and extensive gameplay sessions, accessible in solo and group play The freedom to entirely alter the gameplay experience by equipping any of a wide array of weapons and tools in the Armoury System, one of the foundations of the FINAL FANTASY XIV experience and the driving force behind character development A breathtaking musical score by renowned FINAL FANTASY series composer Nobuo Uematsu