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Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock (Pal Import) - PS3
Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock (Pal Import) - PS3

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Platforms: PS3
Genre: Mystery Adventure

Region Free: NTSC - Yes

Menus & Interface : English
Subtitles: English
Voices: English

Product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 10 April, 2013.

Game Information

This game is region free and will work on all PS3 systems worldwide!

Outwit and destroy monsters including the Silence, Daleks, Silurians and Cybermen in an epic action-adventure Time travel gameplay mechanics - changes to one time period affect the layout of another, solve puzzles across the centuries Collaborative split-screen multiplayer - play together simultaneously and in different time periods Innovative 2D to 3D camera switch play An intriguing, expansive plot developed in collaboration with the team behind the TV show