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BOMBER Crew Complete Edition - SWITCH
BOMBER Crew Complete Edition - SWITCH

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Publisher: Merge Games
ESRB: E10+ - Everyone 10+
UPC: 819335020290

Region Free: Yes

Menus & Interface : English

Expected Release Date is Tuesday 30 April, 2019.

Game Information

Bomber Crew: Complete Edition is a management-sim where you complete high-risk missions and earn bonuses and upgrades, all with your crew by your side. Strategize your way to victory by assembling the best crew for the task! Bomber Crew: Complete Edition includes the original game plus the Secret Weapons and U.S.A.A.F. DLC. Players will find themselves deep behind enemy lines, attempting to destroy their most coveted assets, while dealing with various hazards such as flak guns, enemy radar, weather and dreaded Ace Pilots. Recruiting, training and guiding the right crew, and keeping them alive, is vital in turning the tides of war and achieving success on your bombing campaign.

  • Recruit your team: Upgrade and customize your recruits as you play to unlock primary and secondary skills and send them off to battle!
  • Missions are ranked in terms of duration and risk, so you can use your own judgment - it's your call.
  • Customize your plane: Upgrade your craft as you progress with numerous customization options.