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Availability: Pre-Order
Platforms: XBOX ONE
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developers: DICE
Genre: First Persons Shooter
ESRB: M - Mature
UPC: 014633739701

Region Free: Yes

Menus & Interface : English

Product was added to our catalog on Thursday 24 May, 2018.

Game Information

Battlefield V Deluxe Edition (main game) highlights:

Early Access to Battlefield V Base Game - enter mankind’s greatest conflict as Battlefield goes back to its roots: World War 2. Lead your Company in all-out multiplayer with new experiences

5 Sets of Paratrooper Outfits - customize your soldiers with five Special Soldier Sets containing stunning weapon skins, camo patterns, head gear, and face paint for British Special Air Service and German Airborne troops

Special Assignments - for the British Special Air Service, for the German Fallschirmjäger troops and Starter Assignments – test your skills on the battlefield and gain rewards

20 Weekly Items with Airlift - Battlefield V Deluxe Edition lets you receive vital supplies with 20 weekly Airlifts, each containing one customization item

World War 2 as You’ve Never Seen It Before – Take the fight to unexpected but crucial moments of the war, as Battlefield goes back to where it all began

Multiplayer in the Chaos of All-Out War - lead your Company in all-out multiplayer with new experiences like the massive Grand Operations mode. Take on classic modes like Conquest or squad up with friends in the cooperative Combined Arms

The Most Physical Battlefield Yet – Maneuver through the battlefield using a new soldier move set, fortifications, and mobile tools of destruction

Play Untold War Stories – Witness human drama set against global combat in the single player War Stories

Tides of War – Embark on a journey where new content drops continuously transport you and your Company to a huge variety of key WW2 locations, where new battlefields and gear await