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BS (Back Story) Zelda Map 1 & 2 (Reproduction) - SNEs
BS (Back Story) Zelda Map 1 & 2 (Reproduction) - SNEs

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Platforms: SNES
Genre: Action Adventure

Menus & Interface : English

Product was added to our catalog on Monday 30 March, 2015.

Game Information

NOTE: These games are clearly marked with a "Reproduction" label - they're not to be confused as a "fake or knock-off" of original titles.

The back-story explains that the Gods had created a holy golden triangle called the Triforce which would grant the wishes of anyone who possessed it. Ganondorf, the evil boss of a gang of thieves, located the Triforce and was transformed into Ganon, meanwhile his baleful influence spread across the land of Hyrule. The Gods sent word by messenger that a holy sword would be required to stop this evil, so the King of Hyrule commissioned such a sword. After it was completed the Hyrulians discovered that nobody could wield the sword and so the king set his 7 sages to work creating a seal to seal Ganon away until such time as a hero would be born who could wield the holy blade. Not long afterward, Ganon escaped and managed to kidnap the King's daughter, Princess Zelda.

This game wiill play on the following consoles and is region free :

  • Super Nintendo
  • Retron 2
  • Retron 3
  • Retron 5
  • Supaboy Handheld