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Akai Katana - 360 (Region Free)
Akai Katana - 360 (Region Free)

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Game Information


Developer: CAVE Interactive
Publisher: Rising Star Games
System: Xbox 360
Genre: Shoot 'em up
Player(s): 1-2
ESRB: Teen


Unleash the power of the Blood Swords…The Empire's war has ravaged the world…the people are suffering in its relentless pursuit of domination using the feared Blood Swords. The sacrifices have been great, their deaths giving power to these blades. Do you have the strength to lead a small band of rebels to victory in the face of overwhelming odds?


  • Beautiful bullets - gorgeous artwork presented in glorious HD and 16:9 support
  • Maximize your score - three game modes with different scoring mechanics
  • Original Arcade settings optional for authentic experience
  • Challenge the world - set the highest scores in the online leaderboards
  • Local 2 player co-op