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Drop Cast - Ds
Drop Cast - Ds

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Product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 24 September, 2008.

Game Information

Get ready for some spell casting mayhem in this wicket fusion of puzzle game and battle mechanics! Ingrid didn't play nice with the other boys and girls so she decided to make some new friendsàfrom her stuffed animals. Once the toys came to life they needed life skills, and she was happy to teach them 24 devastating spells to use and abuse.


Ingrid's Curse

*Meet Ingrid and take on her twisted puzzle challenge. Form rows of blocks on one screen by creatively matching them to one another.

Battle Royale

*Ingrid's toys are alive, and they're not in the mood to make friends. Take on other toys in the mash-up of block matching and spell casting, where a good offensive is as important as a good defense.

*Peruse through the Spells Library and learn the toy's various modes of attack.

*One cart play for up to 4 people! Endless combinations, never play the same game twice.